Here's just a small sampling of the feedback our clients have given us.


I was a priority for them

From the first day of hearing my case, Justin, Kate, and Heather were very attentive and hands on with handling everything and ensuring me that I was in good hands eventhough my case appeared to be at a standstill. I'm so thankful to feel that I was a priority with them and how they handled my case like it was a number 1 priority. If I wouldn't have called them then my case would still be pending, they are worth every dollar and some if you hire them!!! They give you results and put you above number 1!!! Great great people that gives you results!!!


Time and attention were given to my situation

Thomas Family Law firm represented me fairly and was very responsive to my questions and needs. The process and timelines were explained to me throughout the duration of the divorce proceedings. I appreciate the time and attention that was given to my situation.


Thomas' Knowledge and Abilities are Impressive

Mr. Thomas represented my wife and I was very happy to see my wife get a new attorney. He was a bulldog and made a mountain out of a molehill for her. I was impressed with his knowledge and ability to take what little he had to work with and make gold from straw.


Very Good Divorce Lawyer

Mr. Thomas kept me well informed during my lengthy divorce. He always returned my calls within 24 hours, usually sooner. He gave me very good advice and listened to all of my concerns. He always told me what I needed to hear, not necessarily what I wanted to hear. I found him to be a nice, honest, hard working lawyer.


Honest and Respected Attorney

Justin Thomas represented me in a divorce and I was very pleased with his work ethic and representation. He was extremely professional and cared about what was in the best interest of my son and me. He kept the cost of the divorce to a minimum, which was great! I believe he provided excellent representation and honestly cared about me, the outcome of my divorce, and most importantly, my time with my son. I have recommended Mr. Thomas to several friends and will continue to do so.


Fantastic, compassionate and knowledgeable lawyer

I am a lawyer in 4 states, so having a lawyer I respect and trust is very important to me. Justin is a great attorney. He knows family law inside out and is very responsive and compassionate. His goal is to help me, rather than to just earn his billable hours. If you have a family law dispute, I absolutely would choose Justin Thomas. He is excellent and honest. I give him an A plus.


Wonderful Attorney!! Wonderful Staff!

Justin and his staff are a great team!! Justin represented me after the divorce was finalized and fixed what the original attorney told me was set in stone! Everything we asked for, we received. From both the court and the staff. It has been almost 2 yrs and I can still contact them for anything I need and they are ALWAYS more than willing to help! I recommend Justin and his staff as much as possible. There is no way I would ever use anyone else!!


Justin Salvaged a Near Impossible Situation in My Son's Dissolution

When our son was served with divorce papers, we asked for a Memphis family law specialist suggestion from our local attorney in the Pacific Northwest. That office in Memphis took our retainer and did little or nothing, resulting in a severe and outrageous judgment as our son was essentially unrepresented. Enter Justin Thomas.

As our son was on the U of M faculty, he then asked for recommendations from the Law School. Justin untangled the mess, obtained a fair and equitable family support plan as well as a reasonable visitation schedule. Parents that have gone through the angst of possibly never getting to know their grandchildren will appreciate the value of expert representation we obtained from Justin Thomas.

He is fair, honest, realistic, and most compassionate. He did not waste our money and knew when to fight and when to negotiate. He and his staff are highly accessible and communication is one of their attributes. He accounted for every penny and at the end of the day promptly returned the unused funds. Handling a legally complex issue is not easy even when both parties are in the same city. When one of the parties lives half a continent away, it becomes nearly impossible. Justin saved our family integrity. His expert and caring professionalism again and again got us through this terrible time for our family. The value of his time is exceptional. We take great comfort in knowing he'll be there again if we need him. I would hire him again in a heartbeat!


Justin Thomas is the man you want to represent you!

Mr. Thomas is the right lawyer for the task, be it divorce, child support, or mediation. Mr. Thomas and his team represented me without fail through the entire process from start to finish and even after finalization. I would highly recommend Mr. Thomas to anyone who is seeking excellent Family Law representation. Mr. Thomas makes himself readily available with little to no pre-coordination. By this I mean if you are trying to reach him and he is not available, his staff will accept your call and answer whatever questions you may have to the best of their ability or take detailed notes and get them to Justin for immediate response.

Not only are he and his staff responsive to your needs, they are efficient and strive to keep your cost of representation to only what is needed to get the job done expediently without compromising standards. Most of the work can be done through a series of phone conversations, and email. Having said that, office time is easily accommodated if need be. I conducted the majority of my legal action without ever being present. I would normally prefer to conduct business face to face, but Justin and his team made the process appear to be seamless despite the distance.

I have found that when dealing with lawyers, you get what you pay for and Justin and his team is money well spent. They are organized, efficient, and timely in all aspects of a divorce from start to finish and beyond.

Don't sell yourself short, USE THIS TEAM!!


Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with Thomas Family Law Firm

The team at Thomas Family Law firm is simply incredible. If you are reading this review and shopping around for a lawyer to deal with your custody case please do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation with Justin Thomas. When I first met with Justin to have my initial consultation it was, unfortunately for me, the third time in my life that I found myself in need of a lawyer to deal with my ex-wife. Although the previous two lawyers I had worked with were adequate (and I "won" both cases) I still felt that I could have received better advice, incurred less costs and frankly received better service.

Needless to say when I met with Justin Thomas the first time I was (based on past experience) wary and had the opinion that separating me from my money was the main focus of a lawyer's work. Long story short, Justin listened to me as I outlined my case and he made a clear outline of what the future held for me. Everything came to pass exactly as he predicted and within the costs that he predicted. It is important to note that Justin did not tell me what I wanted to hear. Instead, he gave me the good and the bad in simple, concrete terms. It was refreshing to hear a lawyer speak truthfully to me for the first time in my life. I could tell that Justin is a family man and this shows in how he approaches his work.

Lastly, I cannot say enough good things about the response times that I received from Justin. Simply incredible. Justin is a man of his word. If he promises you a response, he will keep that promise. Not once in the course of time with Thomas Law firm did I get empty apologies that "something came up" and "I couldn't get back with you." If Justin says something, he means it. If only the court system was as responsive! I'll say it again, do yourself and your family a favor and hire the Thomas Law Firm.