Tax Day is approaching. Are you ready?


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Tax Day is coming up on April 15, and many of our clients have questions about their tax obligation now that their family's legal matter is resolved. FindLaw provides an excellent resource to help you navigate your deductions and obligations:

Recently divorced? Here's tax info you should know

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Did you recently go through a divorce? In this case, you probably have some big questions on your mind, including: how do I file my taxes now that I am no longer married? It is important that you learn how to manage your taxes post-divorce. The more advice and information you obtain, the better chance you have of avoiding costly tax mistakes.

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Are your adolescent children struggling with your divorce?

Are your adolescent children struggling with your divorce? Consider watching SPLIT, a deeply personal film that explores the effects of divorce on children. The film features twelve children aged 6-12, who explore the often frightening and always life altering separation of their parents.

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Custody battles over pets increasing during divorce

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For many couples, their pets are family members. When a couple decides to get divorced, one of the big questions is who gets to keep the pets. The verdict can be heartbreaking for the person left without their beloved companion. So it isn’t surprising that pets can spark custody battles when couples divorce.

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How To Reduce High-Interest Credit Card Debt After Divorce


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Has your divorce left you with more debt than you feel comfortable having? Too much debt can be a hindrance to financial freedom. Instead of working toward your goals, you may be finding yourself sidetracked by having to pay off high-interest credit card debt, such as credit cards.

Learn how to make your income and assets work to your advantage:

How to tell your child you’re getting divorced

What you tell your children about your impending divorce should depend on their age. Photo from

What you tell your children about your impending divorce should depend on their age. Photo from

Author Rachael Sharman shares suggestions to how to communicate this change to your family dynamic according to your children's ages.

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Kids and Divorce: Ten Tough Issues


Children have an especially difficult time with divorce. Many times, parents neglect to consider the ramifications of the effects of the divorce on their children. Understanding how children will view the divorce and the resulting parental relationship is an important component to helping minimize the emotional turmoil of divorce for children.

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New tax law eliminates alimony deductions— but not for everybody


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Some divorcing taxpayers will want to delay their divorces, while others will want to get it done as soon as possible. For individuals who must pay alimony, these tax changes can be expensive -- because the tax savings from being able to deduct alimony payments can be substantial.

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Consider an "Issues To Discuss" Checklist

Once retained, we encourage you to save time and money by gathering important legal and financial documents together before our first meeting. Doing this ahead of time gives us an immediate and useful overview of the property and assets likely to be at issue in your case. Most importantly, it allows us to work together to secure your short and long-term interests.

These checklists from FindLaw can give you an idea of what topics and documents will come up in our discussions: