How to deal with shared custody

If you are going through divorce proceedings in Tennessee, one of the greatest concerns you may have is its effects on your children. Choosing to co-parent may be difficult for you to endure, but in most cases, it is most beneficial for the kids. We at Thomas Family Law Firm, PLC understand the intricacies of child custody and support, and we work to obtain the best results for your children.

Parents advises divorcees to take several proactive steps to make co-parenting successful. Although you and your ex probably have an emotional past, it is important to put aside your differences and work together when it comes to your kids. This could mean altering your schedule for one that works best for both parties, as well as communicating on a regular basis to ensure that your kids' needs are being met. You may need to collaborate with you ex in order to make transition between homes less difficult for your kids. You may also have to change your parenting plan if you realize the arrangements do not work well for everyone involved. Even if you feel the urge to win the children over to your side, do not speak badly about their other parent.

When the kids are with the other parent, you may feel empty and incomplete. However, instead of focusing on your loneliness, invest in hobbies or activities that rejuvenate you and help you to relax. If you have the opportunity to unwind from the stress of parenting alone, you will likely be more ready to do so when your children return. If your ex enters into a relationship, try not to feel threatened by the new influence in your children's lives. Instead, you may benefit from meeting your ex's partner and getting to know him or her. Although it is often difficult, stay positive about the other parent's interactions for the children's sakes. More information about the logistics of divorce with minor children is available on our webpage.