Former couple feuding over comments and Instagram posts

Those who are going through divorce proceedings in Memphis are often encouraged to be careful of what they say about their soon-to-be ex-spouses as well as what they share through social media. Any flippant, hurtful or obscene comments or content may end coming back to harm them as their cases are being determined. It might be difficult to ask someone to put the strong negative emotions they feel towards their former spouses aside for what could be an extended period of time, yet in the end, restraint may help avoid what may already be an ugly situation from getting any messier. 

Messy may be the ideal word to describe the proceedings that have been going on currently between a man and woman in California. While the couple never actually married, they did have a child together. Currently, the man (a former reality television star) pays $20,000 a month in child support. Media outlets covering the case claim that sources say the man claims the money goes to pay for the nannies who watch the child while the mother goes out to party. The woman, through her attorney, fired back saying that he was trying to defame her. Later, the man posted explicit photos of the woman on his Instagram account, which he later removed as such content could have gotten him in trouble under the state law that prohibits revenge porn. In response, the woman took out a restraining order against him, citing the posted photos and claims that he had assaulted her. 

Oftentimes, feuding couples may need third parties to help them set aside their squabbles and work through their disagreements. Those needing such assistance in a divorce case may find it in the form of a family law attorney. 

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