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Hope Presbyterian Church offers care groups for those entering, going through, or grieving from divorce. Many of these groups are not affiliated with the church, but are highly regarded in our community for their longstanding history as sources of help and support.You do not need to be a Hope member or attend Hope Church in order to take part in these groups; they are open to anyone in the community. In fact, most people who attend these meetings are not affiliated with the church.

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When a Divorce Makes a Better Dad


by Thomas Matlack via New York Times

Divorce stinks. Don’t get me wrong. The excruciating pain of leaving your child on Mom’s doorstep, of missing holidays and first steps, of having to schedule visitation are nothing to sign up for unless there is no other choice. My divorce involved the kind of pain that makes you think walking in front of a train would be a piece of cake if not for your responsibilities. But buried deep within that pain is a silver lining — a motivation, an aspiration, a hands-on learning — that “normal” dads don’t get.

Thomas racks up professional recognitions and awards, still invests in community

 Justin K. Thomas

Justin K. Thomas

MEMPHIS, TENN.— Out of the 1773 attorneys registered with the Memphis Bar Association, 31 recently earned the “Best of the Bar” finalist designation from the Memphis Business Journal. Of those 31, only one- Justin K. Thomas of Thomas Family Law Firm, PLC- has earned that designation two years in a row.

This honor is in addition to his 2017 recognition as a Mid South “Rising Star” by the exclusive Thomson Reuters Super Lawyer rating service. 2017 marks the fourth year in a row that Thomas has earned this prestigious award.

Thomas, founder of the Thomas Family Law Firm, PLC in Germantown, Tenn., focuses exclusively on family law issues in Tennessee and Mississippi.

“My goal is to find efficient, creative ways to resolve these difficult family issues,” said Thomas. “My style is straightforward and honest; I like to evaluate each client’s unique situation, provide them with options and legal advice, and allow them to make the decision that’s right for them and their family.”

These awards certainly speak to Thomas’s professional credibility in family law. But these designations also reflect his commitment to the Memphis community, where he lives and works. Memphis Suit Project, a non-profit charity that he co-founded, provides training and brand-new suits and business attire for Memphis-area men in need.  The Memphis Suit Project outfitted nearly 200 men for upcoming college and job interviews in 2017. The charity hosts quarterly events for its recipients and, under Thomas’ leadership, plans to expand to serve even more men in need in 2018.

Thomas Family Law Firm, PLC

Founded by Justin Thomas, the Thomas Family Law Firm, PLC focuses exclusively on family law in Tennessee and Mississippi and is known for providing clients with efficient, creative ways to resolve family law issues. For more information, call 901-537-0010 or visit

Divorce Law Requirements in Tennessee


via FindLaw

While state laws don't force people to stay married if it's no longer working out, states do have certain divorce law requirements. After two year separation, parties have grounds for divorce in Tennessee. Other grounds for divorce in Tennessee include adultery, cruelty, drug/alcohol addiction, and the existence of a previously unresolved marriage.

If you are considering filing for divorce, review this FindLaw recap article of Tennessee's divorce laws to get started:

Effects of Divorce on Children and Families: What it Does and How to Help

 Effects of divorce on children and families: How to help

Effects of divorce on children and families: How to help

by Puja Sethi via CogniFit

Relationships are like waves, we have some good days and some bad days, but the ramifications of each situation reshapes our personalities and modify our thought process. In today’s very independent world, many marriages end in divorce, and the negative effects of divorce on children and families are prevalent.

Depending on the nature of the divorce, each couple has a different way of going about the divorce. While one couple may be able to have a relatively amicable divorce, another may spend years sorting out legal issues. Whatever the situation, divorces can be brutal, and many studies by psychologists have noted the negative effects of divorce on children and families result in a consistent change in the psychological and emotional nature of an individual, which further alters their social and personal life at a time when they may need stability.

According to National Center for Health Statistics, the rate of divorce in 2014 was 6.9%  per 1000 of the total population, in contrast to an 8.2% in the year 2000. So why are the psychologists, counselors, and psychiatrist more concerned when the rates have declined? The fact is due to the tools available to us in the field of research, the negative effects of divorce on children and families are more amplified today than ever.

An argument for mediation

Screenshot 2018-01-29 13.43.03.png

Whether you are pursuing a divorce in Tennessee or Mississippi, you may want to consider mediation as one way of settling your divorce-related issues with your soon-to-be ex.  

Essentially, divorce mediation is an informal settlement process in which you, your spouse and both of your attorneys meet with a neutral third party, who is typically a lawyer trained in mediation. The mediator's job is simply: to work with all parties involved to facilitate a settlement.