Seeking Child Support Modifications

Just because a court has ordered child support payments does not mean the court can never change its mind as to the amount ― especially if circumstances change. In fact, child support is expressly modifiable under both Tennessee and Mississippi law, but only in certain situations.

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Can Child Support Ever Be Modified?

A Tennessee court can modify child support payments if you can show that a significant variance exists. Generally, Tennessee law defines a significant variance as a 15 percent or greater difference between the amount of the original child support calculation and the amount if calculated today using current income levels.

For instance, if a parent experiences a significant change in income ― either up or down ― a change in child support is possible. In many cases, this occurs when a parent gets a promotion or, alternatively, loses his or her job. However, a modification to child support may also be warranted if the custody arrangement or parenting time has drastically changed since the court first ordered support.

Similarly, child support is also modifiable in Mississippi, although the laws are not necessarily the same as in Tennessee. To learn more, it is best to contact experienced legal representation.

Wondering If You Can Change Your Child Support Payments? We Can Help.

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